and Ministry leaders

The Rev. Fr. Stanislaw Zak

The Rev. Fr. Michael K. Wiener
Episcopal Delegate for the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite
 in the Diocese of Oakland

Larysa Rutkowska 
Parish Administrative Assistant

Parish Council
John Burkart, Presider
St. Anne’s Guild
Mary Sullivan, President
Altar Servers Ministry (Novus Ordo)
Walter Wagoner, Coordinator
Lector Ministry
Lynn Suer, Coordinator
Organists and Choir Directors at St. Margaret Mary’s
David Sundahl, Organist and Choir Director, St. Margaret Mary’s Choir
I-Wen Connick, Coordinator, Choir of the Angelus
Brenda Bonhomme, Vocal Coach & Conductor, Choir of the Angelus
Paulann Dymond, Coordinator, Sacred Heart Women’s Choir
Beth Hockel, Coordinator, St. Joseph Choir
The Rev. Br. James Moore, OP, Vocal Coach & Director, St. Joseph Choir
Chris Kula, Director, Pacific Collegium
Dolores Gandsey, Organist 8:30am Mass
Lolita Morelli, Soloist, 8:30am Mass

A Parish Pastoral Council is a consultative body.  (For information on how the councils are specified in Canon Law, refer to Canon 511-514, 536, and 537.)  Through this council, the pastor is able to seek input on pastoral concerns as well as avail himself of the assistance needed for long-range pastoral planning.  In this relationship, the council makes recommendations and the responsibility for final decisions belongs to the pastor.

Our council currently meets approximately once each month on Saturday evening following the 5:00 pm mass.  The council members spend additional time outside of meetings in following up on action items assigned at the meetings and/or studying supplementary materials pertaining to council discussions.  Our meetings begin and end in prayer and may include education/formation, study, reflection, and discussion.  Fr. Schmidt has been keeping the parish informed of the activities of this council by posting information in the weekly bulletin.

At St. Margaret Mary's Church, it was decided that our Parish Pastoral Council would consist of 10 members.  In order to maintain continuity, the initial council members have 2-, 3-, and 4-year terms in order to stagger the change of membership.  Thereafter, membership will consist of a 3-year term.  Terms are renewable one time.  

All members of the council have equal roles, but there are several offices which are necessary for organizational purposes.  The pastor always presides at council meetings, but the meeting is facilitated by a chairperson, who is also responsible for setting the agenda in collaboration with the pastor and the rest of the council.  There is a vice-chairperson who is responsible for facilitation when the chairperson is absent.  There is a secretary who is responsible for keeping track of the meeting minutes and recording official decisions.

Members of the current council were selected through a process of discernment which took place on May 3, 2003.  The council was installed by Bishop Cummins on June 28, 2003.  

ST. VINCENT de PAUL SOCIETY (click  for details)
ADULT RELIGIOUS EDUCATION meets Wednesday evenings in the Hall at 7:30pm. 
FIRST COMMUNION and CONFIRMATION classes, Sundays, 9:30am Sept. thru May. 
Contact the rectory to enroll.
FINANCE COMMITTEE   contact the rectory if you are interested in this committee

11:00 - New Testament Greek Grammar & Vocabulary
11:30 -- The Pauline Epistles
12:00 -- Lectionary Roundtable
in the parish hall
March 1st through July 19th, 2008

Save the Date!:    June 28th, 2008  12 – 4
Special Celebration of the Feast of Sts. Peter & Paul
12:00 Guest Lecturer:  TBA
Refreshments Available
1:15  Documentary Film : 
From Jesus to Christ — The First Christians
4:00  Adoration
5:00 Vigil Mass of the Feast of Sts. Peter and Paul
For more information, contact instructor:
Rebecca Spencer-O'Hare, M.A. at latin4all@sbcglobal.net

Text Box: ST. ANNE’s GUILD
The parish is grateful to the officers and members of the St. Anne's Guild who generously give of their time, so that the religious and social life of the parish can flourish. The Guild meets monthly in the Parish Hall on the 1st Saturday of every month. Dues are $10 per person. The Guild sponsors two parish events annually, the St. Patrick's Day Dinner and the Oktoberfest. Meetings are suspended  during the summer. Membership is open to men and women of the parish. Several committees have been established. Come and be a part! 
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