Novus Ordo Calendar

(Extraordinary Form, see next column)



APRIL 2, 2017 

Hymns for today:  #365 Parce, Domine (recessional)

5pm (Sat.) Heritage Mass.

10:30am:  Mass for Lent, by Charlotte Ellis

Offertory:   (hymn) The Glory of these 40 days.
Communion: “What Wondrous Love is this?”



APRIL 9, 2017

Hymns for today:  All Glory Laud and Honor

5pm (Sat.) Heritage Mass.

10:30am:  Missa Jubilate Deo

Offertory: (chant) Vexilla.  Communion: Jesus, Jesus Come to Me



APRIL 15-16, 2017

Hymns:  #410 Jesus Christ is Risen Today

Easter Vigil  4pm (Sat.) Missa Brevis

Easter Vigil  8pm (Sat.) Mass of the Angels

choir:  Offertory: This Joyful Eastertide

Organ Postlude:  "Little" Prelude in F Major...JSB



APRIL 23, 2017

Organ Prelude:  Concerto in A minor, Mvt III, JS Bach

Hymns: #613 There's a Wideness; #412 Ye Sons and Daughters; Recess: #546 Regina Caeli

5pm (Sat.) Heritage Mass, Alstott.

10:30am: St. Vladimir's Mass, C. Ellis

Offertory: O Love Eternal; Communion  #412

Organ Postlude: Concerto in A minor, Mvt I, JS Bach



APRIL 30, 2017

Organ Prelude: Prelude in G Minor, J.S.Bach

Hymns:  #413 The Strife is o'er   #546 Regina Caeli

5pm (Sat.) Heritage Mass, Alstott.
10:30am: Mass of Hope, C. Ellis

Offertory: O Lord with Wondrous Mystery. 

Communion:  God is Love, A. Murray

Organ Postlude:  “Fughetta on Regina Caeli”, R. Peters

MUSIC at St. Margaret Mary’s

These are Mass listings with musicFor the complete Mass schedule for the current week,  click here.   For a complete listing of the Ordinary and Extraordinary uses of the Roman Missal at St. Margaret Mary’s,  click here




THE CHOIRS that sing at Sing Margaret Mary’s and how to contact them:


Pacific Collegium     website     sings once per month at the 12:30 Sunday Mass. 

St. Jospeh’s Choir (TORCH)   contact email address     First Fridays at 11:00am

St. Margaret Mary’s Choir  contact email address  all sundays at 10:30 

Sacred Heart Women’s Choir  contact email address   sings First Fridays at the   

                                         6pm Mass and selected weekday feasts in the Extraordinary Form.

Chorus Magnificat   contact email address    sings most Sundays and selected weekday feasts
the Extraordinary Form.

Requiem Choir  contact email address   volunteer choir for parish Funerals, both Extraordinary Form and Novus








././   SOUND CLIPS   ././

Thanks to Michael Li for the files.


Asperges Me” Pacific Collegium choir at sunday Mass.    

Cantate Domino” by the Choir of the Angelus  and  Ave Maria (Bach-Gounod)    Ave Verum (Gregorian)

  Panis Angelicus        Parce Domine

  Mozart Missa Brevis in C:  Kyrie     Sanctus     Benedictus     Agnus      sung by Choir of the Angelus

  Mass of the Angels:     Kyrie      Gloria      Credo 1     Sanctus     Agnus      sung by St. Joseph Choir

  Gregorian Mass XVII       Kyrie        Credo I        Sanctus        Benedictus        Agnus Dei    

                      (sung during Lent & Advent at both Sunday Latin Masses)

  Stabat Mater recorded 3/26/06  Choir of the Angelus

  The Divine Praises,  recorded 4/16/06 St. Joseph Choir   

  Litany of Loreto  recorded 5/14/06, Pacific Collegium Choir


“Missa Adeste Fideles” by Fr. Carlos Rossini.  St. Margaret Mary Choir - recorded Jan.4, 2009  


  Kyrie     Gloria     Credo      Sanctus      Agnus   
O Holy Night  (fragment with  Marisa Lenhardt singing a verse in French. 
  Note:  these files are over 10MB each, best thing to do is a “save target as” and open it later using

  your media player.  (Was recorded live during Mass)




+ + + + +                                                 


from “Missa Cordi Sacro composed by parishioner Frank La Rocca and sung by the Men & Women’s Schola.   This work pre—miered on Oct 17, 2010, Feast of St. Margaret Mary at the 12:30pm Mass.

A newly-composed Mass by former parishioner Charlotte Ellis, “Mass of Hope”, premiered on Sunday March 6, 2011 at the 10:30am Mass.  (audio clips coming soon..)


Another newly-composed Mass by Frank La Rocca for our English Masses: “Mass of St. Margaret Mary”.  This work premiered on Sat. March 24, 2012 at the 5pm English Mass.




Composer, former parishioner and organist of St. Margaret Mary’s.

Free scores here

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in the Extraordinary Form

with scheduled organist


APRIL 2017

2 Sun CM 1st Sunday of the Passion High Mass  R. MAYER

7 Fri SHC Votive Mass of the Sacred Heart   R. MAYER

9 Sun CM Palm Sunday (with Procession) High Mass R. MAYER.

13 Thu SHC Holy Thursday High Mass : D. SUNDAHL 5:00 pm
13 Holy Thursday 8pm Ordinary Form: D. SUNDAHL

14 Good Friday Ordinary Form:  D. SUNDAHL

14 Fri SMM Good Friday (Stations of the Cross) No organ — 5:00 pm

15 Sat PC Easter Vigil High Mass R. MAYER 4:00 pm.

15 Sat Vigil Ordinary Form 8pm:   D. SUNDAHL

16 Sun CM Easter Sunday High Mass R. MAYER.

22 Sat — Saturday « In Albis » Organ only R. MAYER.

23 Sun PC Low Sunday (Divine Mercy Sunday) High Mass R. MAYER.

25 Tue [2] St. Mark, Evangelist & Martyr (2nd Cl.) Organ only R. MAYER.
Rogations Procession and Mass.

30 Sun CM 2nd Sunday after Easter High Mass  R. MAYER.

MAY 2017

1 Mon — St. Joseph the Workman (1st Cl.) Organ only C. KULA

5 Fri SHC Votive Mass of the Sacred Heart (Benediction, Litany) High Mass R. MAYER

6 Sat — Immaculate Heart of Mary Votive Mass Organ only R. MAYER Mass at 10:00 am

7 Sun CM 3rd Sunday after Easter High Mass R. MAYER

11 Thu — Ss. Philip and James, Apostles (2nd Cl.) Organ only C. KULA Mass at 12 noon

14 Sun PC 4th Sunday after Easter High Mass R. MAYER 

21 Sun CM 5th Sunday after Easter High Mass R. MAYER

22 Mon [2] Feria - Minor Litanies Low Mass — Rogations Procession and Mass

23 Tue [2] Feria - Minor Litanies Low Mass — Rogations Procession and Mass

24 Wed [2] Vigil of the Ascension (2nd Cl.) Low Mass — Rogations Procession and Mass

25 Thu CM(?) Ascension of Our Lord (1st Cl.) High Mass R. MAYER Mass at 6:00 pm(?)

28 Sun PC(?) Sunday after Ascension High Mass R. MAYER PC to be confirmed.

31 Wed — Blessed Virgin Mary the Queen (2nd Cl.) Organ only C. KULA Start Holy Spirit Novena (Veni Creator )



April 2017

2 Sun 1st Sunday of the Passion —

9 Sun Palm Sunday (with Procession) —

16 Sun Easter Sunday C. Kula

23 Sun Low Sunday (Divine Mercy Sunday) C. Kula

30 Sun 2nd Sunday after Easter C. Kula


7 Sun 3rd Sunday after Easter C. Kula

14 Sun 4th Sunday after Easter C. Kula

21 Sun 5th Sunday after Easter C. Kula

28 Sun Sunday after Ascension C. Kula


4 Sun Pentecost C. Kula

11 Sun Trinity Sunday C. Kula

18 Sun External Solemnity of Corpus Christi C. Kula

25 Sun Ext. Sol. Sacred Heart of Jesus C. Kula



CM = Chorus Magnificat
SHC = Sacred Heart Choir

MS  = Men’s Schola

PC = Pacific Collegium

StMM = St. Margaret Mary Choir

E.F. = Extraordinary Form