of St. Margaret Mary Church




























The Great


Principal 8'

Gedeckt 8'

Dulciana 8'

Octave 4' (extension)

Gedeckt 4' (extension)

Flute 2'  (extension)

Mixture III

Trompette 8'

Oboe 8'

Clarion 4' (ext. of trompette)




 The Pedal


Contrebasse 16'

Bourdon 16'

Lieblich Gedeckt 16'  from Gt.

Principal 8' from Gt.

Flute 8'

Octave 4'  from Gt.

Mix III  from Gt.





4 General pistons

6 swell pistons

6 great pistons

2 toe studs:  Gt to Pd and SFZ.





St. Margaret Mary's is blessed to have a fine Moeller Pipe Organ, Opus 6009, installed in 1931.  Traditional Catholic hymns and sacred organ literature is played every Sunday and also on certain weekday feasts and Holy Days.  The  Second Vatican Council directs that "the pipe organ is to be held in high esteem in the Latin Church for it is its  traditional  instrument..."  The organ, now consisting of two manuals and 14 ranks, was rebuilt and enlarged in 1988 by the M.P. Moeller Co. of Hagerstown, MD, and recently re-leathered by Schoenstein Co. of Benicia, CA in 2011.



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The Swell


Bourdon 16' from Gt.

Gedeckt 8'  from Gt.

Dulciana 8' from Gt.

Vox Celeste 8'

Octave 4'  from Gt.

Claribel Flute 4'

Nazard 2  2/3' (wired on Gedeckt)

Flautino 2'

Larigot 1 1/3' (wired on Gedeckt)

Scharf III  from Gt.

Oboe 8' from Gt.

The Couplers


Great to Pedal

Swell to Pedal

Swell to Swell 16'

Swell to Swell 4'

Great to Great 16'

Great to Great 4'

Swell to Great 16'

Swell to Great 4'

Swell to Great 8'