Text Box: 26th Sunday in Ordinary Time 
Sat / Sun September 27 & 28, 2008




Sat. 5 pm:   Int. Amanda Pineda (11th Birthday)

Sun. 8:30:   Manuel & Julia Teves (dec.)

        10:30:     People of St. Margaret Mary (l. & d.)

        12:30:        Estrella Wolfe (dec.)

          3:30:     Marian Movement Holy Mass & Holy Hour

Mon. 8 am:     Int. Michael Ponce (liv.)

Mon. 8am:      Aurora DeMacabalin (dec.)

Mon. 6 pm:       Int. Myrna Lanzar (liv.)

Tues. 8 am:        Int. Theresa Dinh (liv.)

Tues. 6 pm:       Int. Estrella Wolfe (liv.)

Weds. 8 am:      Teofista Alonzo & Catalino Ponce (dec.)

Weds. 6 pm:      Int. Estrella Wolfe (liv.)

Thurs. 8 am:   Int. Theresa Dinh (liv.)

Thurs. 6 pm:      Int. Estrella Wolfe (liv.)

Thurs. 7 pm:      Holy Hour

Fri. 8 am:        Theresa Dinh (liv.)

Fri. 9:30am:    John Dinh (liv.)

Fri. 6 pm:    Int. Estrella Wolfe (liv.)

Sat. 8 am:   Ba Van Dinh Family (liv.)

Sat. 10 am:     Int. Estrella Wolfe (liv.)

Sat. 5 pm:       Sang Nguyen (liv.)

Text Box: MUSIC FOR 5:00, 10:30 & 12:30 MASSES

Prelude: Salve Regina, Sym 2, Widor

Hymns:  # 483 O Worship the King; 
#100 Asperges, # 624 O God Our Help

Sat Vigil Mass 5:00: 	
“Danish Amen Mass”, Vermulst.
                                 	Cantor & organ. 
Mass at 10: 30:       	
Missa Orbis Factor, Gregorian.
                                	St. MM Choir
Mass at 12:30:        	
Missa Orbis Factor, Gregorian.
                              Mixed Schola/ volunteers

Postlude:                 Scherzo, Sym 2, Widor.

Text Box: Last week second collection for the for the Peter’s Pence Appeal – support of the 
Holy Father amounted to $1,765.00. 

This week, the 2nd collection is for the Parish Development Fund. 

Next week, the 2nd collection is for  Building Fund. 


Fourth Sunday every month at 3:30 p.m. in our church. 
       This Sunday September 28, at 3.30PM Holy Mass for the Marian Movement of Priests (this is a movement for lay people, priests and religious who wish to pray for priests), followed by Holy Hour with Benediction afterwards. Please come to pray for our priests. Everybody is welcome. Please inform and invite others. Next month Marian Movement Mass: October 26, 2008, at 3.30PM.

September 29  – Michael, Gabriel & Raphael – Archangels 

– These biblical messengers signify God’s transcendence and loving care: Michael (meaning “Who is like God”), is patron of security forces and of the sick; Gabriel (“God’s Strength”) is patron of telecommunications and the postal service; Raphael (“God’s Remedy”) is patron of travelers and the blind.

     This week we celebrate –First Thursday - October 2nd - a day of special prayer for our priests, religious & seminarians. After 6.00PM Holy Mass, we expose the Blessed Sacrament Text Box: Sunday Scripture
                         Obedience to God’s will is a sign of discipleship. In the reading from Paul we are told of Jesus humbling himself and obediently accepting death on a cross. The word obedience may present a difficulty for some people today. However, Scripture reminds us of the obedience of Jesus, and the obedience that we are called to show if we claim to be his followers. 
                           Our readings focus on the importance of obedience in the lives of God’s people. Ezekiel reminds us that sin brings death, and repentance brings life. Paul uses our Lord as the example of what it means to be obedient. In the Gospel, Jesus challenges us to carry out, obediently, the mission that he has given us.

Weekly update


(39)         Year- to Date


$ 4,724.00

$ 202,813.71


$ 5,100.00

$ 207,300.00


$ 376.00

$ 4,486.29

Bishop’s Appeal

$ 100.00

$ 9,893.00

Goal for Appeal


$ 9,182.00

Par.  Dev. Fund

$ 90.00

$ 7,741.50

Building Fund

$ 10.00

$ 59,130.90