Text Box: 25th Sunday in Ordinary Time
September 20-21, 2008

Sat. 5 pm: 	    Int. Karl & Tina Domagalski 
                        (newly married: August 9, 2008) 
Sun.   8:30: 	     People of St. Margaret Mary (l. & d.)
          8:30:       Int. Jamie Villar (liv.)
        10:30:       Int. John - Gabriel Burkart (liv.) 
        10:30:       Int. Vic Miloslavich (liv.)
        12:30: 	     Andrew Occhipinti (dec.)
Mon. 8 am:       Int. Ba Van Dinh Family (liv.)
Mon. 6 pm: 	     Estrella Wolfe (dec.)
Tues. 8 am: 	     The Souls of Purgatory
Tues. 6 pm:      Int. Fr. Linus Clovis (liv.)
Weds. 8 am:      Carl Medina (dec.)
Weds. 6 pm:      Int. Ramon & Myrna Lanzar (liv.)
                          45th wedding anniversary 
Thurs. 8 am:     Rodolfo Ponce (dec.)
Thurs. 6 pm:      Int. Eleen Lucas (liv.) 
Fri. 8 am: 	Rev. Kazimierz Muszynski (dec.)
Fri. 6 pm: 	Estrella Wolfe (dec.)
Sat. 8 am: 	Int. Al DiGrazzia (liv.)
Sat. 10 am: 	Int. Nickolas Miloslavich (liv.)
Sat. 5 pm: 	Theresa Dinh (liv.)
Text Box: MUSIC FOR 5:00, 10:30 & 12:30 MASSES
Prelude: 	Ricercare in C Minor, Pachelbel
Hymns:                    # 616 I Sing the Mighty Power;
                                 # 100, Asperges; # 621 Praise God
Mass at  5:00 pm(Sat.): “Danish Amen Mass”, Vermulst.
                                Cantor & organ                     
Mass at 10: 30:       Missa de Angelis, Gregorian. 
                                St. Joseph Choir.
Mass at 12:30:        Missa Orbis Factor, Gregorian.
                                Choir of the Angelus.
Postlude:                 Toccata in G Minor, Pachelbel
Text Box:      Last week second collection for the Cathedral Church Fund amounted 
$ 2,942.00. 
     This week, the 2nd collection  is for the Peter’s Pence Appeal -  support  of the Holy Father. 
     Next week, the 2nd collection is for the Parish Development Fund. 


Text Box: St. Padre Pio of Pietrelcina—Tuesday September 23, 
Cappuchin Priest,  born in a small Italian village, spent 50 years in the monastery of San Giovanni Rotondo, where he was much sought after as a spiritual advisor, confessor and intercessor. His life was devoted to the Holy Eucharist and prayer. In 1946 he told to young polish priest, Karol Wojtyla, that one day he will be a pope. Pope John Paul II beatified him and canonized and announced his inclusion in the General Roman Calendar as an obligatory memorial, in June 2002. On Tuesday will be special Blessing with Relics and veneration.
September 24 Wednesday - 
Our Lady of Ransom.
       The origins of the Feast can be found in the little known Mercedarian Order. This was founded in the early thirteenth century by St. Peter Nolasco and St. Raymond of Penafort (who can both be seen at Our Lady's feet) to ransom Christian slaves taken by the Muslims during their frequent raids on Europe. The Order's original name was the 'Order of the Virgin Mary of Mercy of the Redemption of Captives of St Eulalia' (martyr venerated in Barcelona). 

Text Box: Sunday Scripture
       Listening to God’s word offers a challenge to examine our lives. The readings for today offer an opportunity   to look at our lives and ask ourselves how our thoughts, words  and deeds reflect the Gospel. As we pray, let us ask for the grace to live fully as Christ taught. We pray for all who teach the word of God proclaim it by their lives.
        Isaiah reminds us to seek the Lord, to ponder his thoughts, for they are above ours. Paul offers an opportunity to explore our conduct against the Gospel values. Today’s  Gospel challenges us to take stock of our generosity: what our motive is, how we accept and appreciate what we have and whatever or not we are jealous of others.

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