Text Box: The Commemoration of All the Faithful Departed (All Souls)
Sat / Sun November 01 & 02, 2008                              

Sat. 5 pm: 	  All Souls Novena (1)
Sun. 8:30: 	  Holy Father Intention
        8:30:     Leila Cattoche - Rainwater (dec.)    
        10:30:   All Souls (2)
        12:30:   All Souls (3)
Mon. 8 am:   All Souls (4)
Mon. 12:30pm: Requiem Low Mass (Trid.)
Mon. 6 pm:    All Souls (5)
Tues. 8 am:    All Souls (6)
Tues. 6 pm:    All Souls (7)
Weds. 8 am:   The Souls of Purgatory
Weds. 6 pm:   All Souls (8)
Thurs. 8 am:   The Souls of Purgatory
Thurs. 6 pm:   Gerard Daigre (dec.)
Thurs. 7pm:     Holy Hour
Fri. 8 am: 	     The Souls of Purgatory
Fri. 9:30am:     All Souls (9)
Fri. 6 pm: 	     Edmund Kwan (dec.)
Sat. 8 am: 	     Int. Ba Van Dinh (liv.)
Sat. 10 am:     Camille Kespern (dec.)
Sat. 5 pm: 	    Int. William Fitzsimmons III (liv.)
Text Box: MUSIC FOR 5:00, 10:30 & 12:30 MASSES

Organ Prelude:       
    Sheep May Safely Graze, J.S.Bach	        
Hymns:   # 221 Requiem; # 577 Dies Irae (offertory); # 572 in Paradisum
Mass at  5:00 pm(Sat.): 
Missa de Profunctis, Gregorian, #221 hymnal. Cantor & organ.
Mass at 10: 30:       
Missa  de Profunctis, Gregorian. 
# 221 hymnal. St. MM Choir
Mass at 12:30:        
Missa Orbis Factor, Gregorian.
                Mixed Schola/ volunteers

Organ Postlude:     
     Voluntary, Stanley

Text Box: Last week second collection for the Parish Development Fund amounted $ 1,035.00. This week the 2nd collection is for the Building Fund. Next week, the 2nd collection is for the Bishop’s  Appeal. 
Text Box: Today November 2 we celebrating the 
commemoration of All the Faithful Departed – All Souls – 
     Rooted in ancient Christian tradition (2nd century & Tertulian), St. Odilo of Cluny established a memorial of all the faithful departed in 988. It was accepted in Rome in the 13th century. An Apostolic Constitution of Pope Benedict XV in 1915 granted all priests the privilege of celebrating three Masses on that day for the following intentions: one Holy Mass for particular intention, another Holy Mass for all the faithful departed and a third Holy Mass for the intention of the pope. The month of November, especially All Souls Day, is a traditional time for visiting graves of loved ones, as is the anniversary of death. The Church has encouraged prayer for the dead from the earliest times as an act of Christian charity. "If we had no care for the dead," Augustine noted, "we would not be in the habit of praying for them." In the early Middle Ages, monastic communities began to mark an annual day of prayer for the departed members. 

       In the middle of the 11th century, St. Odilo, abbot of Cluny (France), decreed that all Cluniac monasteries offer special prayers and sing the Office for the Dead on November 2, the day after the feast of All Saints. The custom spread from Cluny and was finally adopted throughout the Roman Church. The Council of Trent affirmed this purgatory state and insisted that the prayers of the living can speed the process of purification. These include public processions or private visits to cemeteries and decorating graves with flowers and lights. This feast is observed with great fervor in Mexico and Poland.
Text Box: Sunday Scripture

                      The souls of the just are at peace in the presence of God. On this day, All Souls Day, we remember the souls of the faithful departed. These 
include our loved ones who have gone before us to the Lord. The Scripture readings can be of comfort to us, especially the Book of Wisdom, which tells us that the souls of the just are in the hand of God.
                   In the Book of Wisdom, we are told that those who love God rest in the hand of God. The just who have 
departed are safely in the arms of the Father. Paul encourages believers by his reminder that Christ has redeemed us. The gospel reading tells us how we are to live so that we may have eternal life.

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