Text Box: 7th Sunday of Easter / Feast of the Ascension 
Sat / Sun May 23 & May 24, 2009                              
Text Box: MASS INTENTIONS for the week

Sat. 5 pm: 	Int. Kathryn Rieger (liv.)
Sun. 8:30: 	Simon Tang (dec.)
        10:30:     People of St. Margaret Mary (l. & d.)
        10:30:     Michael Edward Porcella (dec.)
        12:30: 	Edward Walker (dec.)
Mon. 8 am:    Sgt. Daniel Sakai (dec.)
Mon. 6 pm: 	Int. Linda Bellavia (liv.)
Tues. 8 am: 	Int. Anecia Lucas (liv.)
Tues. 6 pm: 	Int. Mr. K.W. (liv.)
Weds. 8 am: 	Officer John Hege (dec.)
Weds. 6 pm: 	Int. Ewing Phillips Cobb (liv.) 96 birthday
Thurs. 8 am:   Int. Fr. William Marshall (liv.)
Thurs. 6 pm: 	Clarence A. Thompson (dec.)
Fri. 8 am: 	In Honor of the Five Sacred Wounds
Fri. 6 pm: 	Int. Arthur Connick (liv.)
Sat. 8 am: 	Int. Renata (liv.)
Sat. 10 am: 	Int. the Kung Family (liv.)
Sat. 5 pm: 	Int. J.H.Frid, RCN (liv.)
Text Box: MUSIC FOR 5:00, 10:30 & 12:30 MASSES
Organ Prelude: 	
Dialogo, A. Banchieri
Today’s Hymns:    
# 430 Hail the Day; 
# 102 Vidi Aquam; 
page 298 Missalette, Sing  We.
Mass at  5:00 pm (Sat.): 
St. Louis Jesuits Mass.  
Cantor & organ.
Mass at 10: 30:  
Missa Lux et Origo, Gregorian
St. MM Choir
Mass at 12:30:        
Mass in honor of St. Anthony, 
by Huybrechts 
Choir of the Angelus.
Organ Postlude:     
Presto, J.S. Bach
Text Box: Last week second collection for the Catholic Charities Fund  amounted to 

This week, the 2nd collection  is for the Parish Development Fund. 
Next week, the 2nd collection is for S.V.D.P.S. 
 Today on Ascension of the Lord Sunday, May 24th; while celebrating Jesus’ departure to Heaven; we would like to invite all our parishioners: young and old, with children and without, to celebrate this afternoon together. You can come to the 3:30pm Holy Mass (Marian Movement of Priests) and Holy Hour afterwards; or just come to the Parish Hall for the 5:00pm Potluck Dinner. Bring some food to share.  After the dinner, we will see a video about the "Our Lady of Fatima Shrine" in Portugal. This year it is the 92nd anniversary of the Apparition to the three Portuguese children.

4th Sunday of every month at 3:30 p.m. in our church. 
       This Sunday May 24, at 3.30PM Holy Mass will be said for the Marian Movement of Priests (this is a movement for lay people, priests and religious who wish to pray for priests), followed by Holy Hour with Benediction afterwards. Please come to pray for our priests. Everybody is welcome. Please inform and invite others. Next month, the Marian Movement Mass will be June 28, 2009, at 3.30pm.

Text Box: Sunday Scripture 
        God is love, and we were created so we could share in that love. Love and prayer are like two sides of one coin. Can we love God without praying to him? Can we genuinely pray to God without knowing his love for us? Love usually moves us to interact with the ones we love, helping that love flourish. Prayer is our interaction with God, and can help us tell him how deeply we love him.
      From Acts we hear that the whole assembly prays to select a replacement for Judas. Matthias is chosen to fill the role of Apostle. The second reading teaches that those who abide in love abide in God and God in them. In the Gospel, Jesus prays for his disciples. He asks his Father to guard them from the evil one and to consecrate  them in truth.

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Year- to Date


$ 4,979.00

$ 100,692.00


$ 5,100.00

$ 114,416.00


$ 121.00

$ 13,724.00

Bishop’s Appeal

$ 85.00

$ 4,834.00

Goal for Appeal


$ 9,182.00

Par.  Dev. Fund

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$ 4,011.00

Building Fund

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$ 11,850.00