different languages, and a candlelight procession. The first service will be this week on Tuesday, May 13th 2007 at 7.30PM. Please come and invite  others. If you speak other languages, please contact Fr Stan (510-482-0596)



On next Sunday, May 18, at 10.30, the children of our Parish receive, for the  first time in their lives, Holy Communion.  Please pray for our children waiting for their VERY IMPORTANT DAY, when they receive, for the first time, Jesus in the Holy Eucharist; and pray also for their parents teachers & catechists. OUR CONGRATULATIONS  TO ALL THE CHILDREN AND TO THEIR PARENTS.


   The most obvious religious tradition associated with this feast is the CORPUS CHRISTI PROCESSION.  This popular procession included the streets; one block around our property. We will stop at 4 outdoor altars, where carrying of the Blessed Sacrament, visible in a monstrance.

   This year we will walk on there will be prayers, the Gospel and supplications sung and blessings with the Blessed Sacrament (Benediction). At the fourth altar, blessings will be extended to the four corners of the world.











Learn more about the

Insititute of Christ the King

The Institute of Christ the King has been serving our parish since 2005 when Bishop Vigneron appointed Fr. Wiener chaplain to the Traditional Latin Rite community at St. Margaret Mary and his Delegate for the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite in the Oakland diocese. The work that has been done here in these three years and that continues to develop the constantly growing traditional community, now and in the future, is specifically characterized by the Institute’s spirituality. It seems therefore important for the whole parish to learn more about this spiritual character of Fr. Wiener’s community in which he has been trained for the priesthood and which continues to be his spiritual root and family. This issue of the bulletin concludes our presentation of the Institute and its specific spiritual identity:


“To Be Good What We Are”

Thirty-five houses in ten countries, fifty priests, and over sixty seminarians in fifteen years are perhaps sufficient proof that the Institute is on the right path within the Church. It is not our intent to grow quickly and to become mushroom-like, that is big and weak, but to consolidate our Institute by a careful selection of possible candidates and by an always-growing emphasis on a solid community life according to our own spirituality. We do not press our candidates into a typical uniformity of mind and expression, but again we follow St. Francis de Sales who commands us "to be good at what we are," which means that through the collaboration with the grace of God, everyone has to develop the different talents and gifts according to the will of the Lord and to eliminate from his character those traits that are opposed to the divine teachings. It is a combat for life but a fraternal community, the participation in the mysteries of the liturgy, and the continuous study of the marvelous tradition of the Church as reflected by Scripture and the Magesterium, which are the appropriate instruments that give us the strength never to cease in this battle but to look forward to it every day with renewed joy and confidence.

Newsletter of the Institute of Christ the King

The latest issue of the Newsletter of the Institute is made available in the back of the church. If you are interested to subscribe to this Newsltter, please contact Fr. Wiener or write to:

Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest,

6415 South Woodlawn Avenue  Chicago, IL  60637  or call: 773-363-7409.

Liturgical Calendar

for the

Trad. Latin Mass

Extraordinary Form

of the Roman Rite

Sunday May 11

 Pentecost Sunday

Epistle: Act. 2:1-11

Gospel: Joann. 14:23-31

Monday May 12

Pentecost Monday

Tuesday May 13

Pentecost Tuesday

Wednesday May 14

Pentecost Wednesday

(Ember Day)

Thursday May 15

Pentecost Thursday

Friday May 16

Pentecost Friday

(Ember Day)

Saturday May 17

Pentecost Saturday

(Ember Day)

Adorers of the Royal Heart of Jesus Christ Sovereign Priest

    To support the work of the Institute of Christ the King, Divine Providence has brought about the formation of a community of contemplative nuns dedicated to reparation and adoration of the Royal Heart of Jesus Christ Sovereign Priest. Leading a non-cloistered contemplative life, the sisters offer their daily prayers and sacrifices particularly for the priests of the Institute and the souls entrusted to them. In June 2004, Ennio Cardinal Antonelli, Archbishop of Florence, vested the first three sisters with their habit. By Spring 2007, the community had already grown to nine sisters and four postulants, from France and the United States.