Pentecost Sunday

May 10 & 11, 2008                             


Sat. 5 pm:           People of St. Margaret Mary (l. & d.)

Sun. 8:30:           For Mothers (l. & d.) 1

        10:30:       William Maderious (dec.)

        12:30:         For Mothers (l. & d.) 2

Mon. 8 am:       -

Mon. 6 pm:        For Mothers (l. & d. ) 3

Tues. 8 am:        -

Tues. 6 pm:        Private Intentions

Tues. 7:30pm:  For Mothers (l. & d.) 4 (Fatima Service)   

Weds. 8 am:       Int. Fr. Stan Zak (33 anniversary of


Weds. 6 pm:       For Mothers (l. & d.) 5

Thurs. 8 am:     Int. Fr. Don McDonnell (liv.)

Thurs. 6 pm:      Gewel McGinnis (dec.)

Fri. 8 am:            For Mothers (l. & d.) 6

Fri. 6 pm:            Private Intentions

Sat. 8 am:           -

Sat. 10 am:         For Mothers (l. & d.) 7

Sat. 5 pm:           For Mothers (l. & d.) 8

MUSIC FOR 5:00, 10:30 & 12:30 MASSES

Organ Prelude:         vari on Veni, Creator, Peeters

Hymns:                    # 443 Come Holy Ghost; # 102 Vidi

                                Aquam; # 441 Veni Creator Spiritus,

Mass at  5:00 pm(Sat.): Cantor & organ. St. Louis Jesuit’s

                                Mass. cantor & organ.

Mass at 10: 30:       Mass of the Blessed Virgin Mary,

                                Gregorian # 214 St. MM Choir

Mass at 12:30:        Missa de Angelis, Gregorian. Mixed


Organ Postlude:     Toccata on Veni, Creator, Peeters


Last week second collection for the Building Fund   amounted $ 1833.0000. This week, the 2nd collection  is for the Bishop’s  Appeal. Next week, the 2nd collection is for the Catholic Charities Fund . THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT. MAY GOD REWARD YOUR GENEROSITY.


PENTECOST (today May 11)

The Easter season lasts for fifty days, ending with Pentecost (from the Greek pent ekoste, “fiftieth”).



May God bless you all, and may the Blessed Virgin Mary; Mother of our Lord Jesus  protect you always.

The Second Sunday of May (11) is celebrated as MOTHERS’ DAY. In our Parish, a NOVENA of (nine) Holy Masses will be celebrated for the Intentions of our Mothers (living or dead). Our Mothers  deserve our Love, Honor and Respect. We pray for them during Holy Masses on May 11: at 8.30AM & 12.30PM; May 12 at 6.00PM, May 13 at 7.30PM, May 14 at 6.00PM, May 16 at 8.00AM, May 17 at 10.00AM & 5.00PM & May 18 at 10.30AM. Special Memorial Books for our Mothers, living or deceased, will be placed in our Church.  A letter with information about the Novena of Holy Masses will be sent to all our Parishioners by mail. Additional forms will be also available in our Church.


Every year from May to October in many Catholic Parishes around the world Catholics celebrate the anniversary of the apparition of Our Lady to three Portuguese children: Francisco, Jacinta and Lucia. We plan to celebrate

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Sunday Scripture
(I:Gen 11:1-9; II: Rom 8:22-27; Gospel: John: 7:37-39)

                    Today we celebrate the solemnity of Pentecost, the day the Holy Spirit came upon the Church. Today we celebrate Pentecost, the day when the outpouring  of the Holy Spirit transformed a group of frightened, confused disciples into  a strong, dedicated community-the Church. Through the power of the Holy Spirit they began boldly preaching the Good News to people of all languages, and making disciples in all nations, as Jesus had instructed.

                       The Holy Spirit came upon the Church at Pentecost. We hear about this in today’s first reading. With the Holy Spirit enabling them, the disciples preached boldly, speaking so that all could understand them. The second reading speaks of the divinity of the Holy Spirit. In the Gospel, the Risen Jesus imparted the Holy Spirit to his disciples.


Weekly update


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$ 131.00

$ 5,950.00

Bishop’s Appeal


$ 9,182.00

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Par.  Dev. Fund

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$ 3,945.50

Building Fund

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