Text Box: 7th Sunday of Easter 
Sat / Sun May 03 & 04, 2008


Sat. 5 pm: †††††Int. Ba Dinh (liv.)

Sun. 8:30: †††††People of St. Margaret Mary (l. & d.)

††††††† 10:30:†††††† -

††††††† 12:30: ††††††Robert Pierce (dec.)

Mon. 8 am: †††††Teodocia Afaga (dec.)

Mon. 6 pm: †††††Private Intentions

Tues. 8 am: †††††The Souls of Purgatory

Tues. 6 pm: †††††Int. the Kilmartin Family (liv.)

Weds. 8 am: ††††††† Int. Ba Dinh Family (liv.)

Weds. 6 pm: ††††††† Private Intentions

Thurs. 8 am: ††††-

Thurs. 6 pm: ††††Private Intentions

Fri. 8 am: †† †††††††-

Fri. 6 pm: †††††††Private Intentions

Sat. 8 am: †††††††-

Sat. 10 am: ††††††Private Intentions

Sat. 4pm:††††††††† Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament

Sat. 5 pm: †††††††People of St. Margaret Mary (l. & d.)

MUSIC FOR 5:00, 10:30 & 12:30 MASSES

Organ Prelude: ††††††† Adoration, R. Purvis

Hymns: †††††††††††††††††††# 430 Hail the Day; # 102 Vidi

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Aquam; and p. 402 Missalette, Sing We Triumphant hymns of Praise.

Mass at5:00 pm(Sat.): Cantor & organ. St. Louis Jesuitís Mass. Cantor & organ.

Mass at 10: 30: ††††††Mass of the Blessed Virgin Mary,

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Gregorian # 214 St. MM Choir

Mass at 12:30:††††††† Missa Lux et Origo, Pacific Collegium

Organ Postlude: ††††Thanksgiving, R. Purvis


Last week second collection for the Parish Development Fund†† amounted $ 742.00. This week, the 2nd collectionis for the Building Fund. Next week, the 2nd collection is for the Bishopís Appeal Fund . THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT. MAY GOD REWARD YOUR GENEROSITY.

This month is dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary. The Crowning of Mary takes place during the 10.30AM  Holy Mass on Sunday, May 4, 2008. Every morning after the 8.00AM Holy Mass, we shall recite the Litany to the Blessed Virgin Mary followed by Benediction. PLEASE COME AND JOIN US.
The Ascension of the Lord is observed always 40 days after Easter. This year, it will be on Thursday May 1st.  In the USA, many ecclesiastical provinces, also our diocese, transferred  this celebration to the 7th Sunday after Easter, today May 4th. 
The Second Sunday of May (11) is celebrated as MOTHERSí DAY. In our Parish, a NOVENA of (nine) Holy Masses will be celebrated for the Intentions of our Mothers (living or dead). Our Mothers  deserve our Love, Honor and Respect. We pray for them during Holy Masses on May 11: at 8.30AM & 12.30PM; May 12 at 6.00PM, May 13 at 7.30PM, May 14 at 6.00PM, May 16 at 8.00AM, May 17 at 10.00AM & 5.00PM & May 18 at 10.30AM. Special Memorial Books for our Mothers, living or deceased, will be placed in our Church.  A letter with information about the Novena of Holy Masses will be sent to all our Parishioners by mail. Additional forms will be also available in our Church.
May God bless you all, and may the Blessed Virgin Mary; Mother of our Lord Jesus  protect you always.

Sunday Scripture


†††††††††††† We can take heart that the Holy Spirit is present in our midst to strengthen and guide us. Before Jesus faced his passion and death, he prayed to the Father. This is the model weare to follow when faced with difficulties. We turn to the Father in prayer, trusting that we will be given what we need.He has sent us discern Godís will. strengthen and guide us andto help us discern Godís will.

†††††††††††† Prayer is the theme of the first reading and of the Gospel. In the first reading , we hear of praying in the Upper Room after the Ascension. In the Gospel, Jesus prays as he glorifies the Father. The second reading tells us that we can rejoice when we are called to suffer in the name of Jesus.

Weekly update


(17)†††††† Year- to Date


$ 4,734.00

$ 94,381.00


$ 5,100.00

$ 100,200.00


$ 366.00


Bishopís Appeal


$ 9,182.00

Goal for Appeal



Par.Dev. Fund

$ 742.00

$ 3,858.50

Building Fund

$ 25.00

$ 50,811.96