Ninth Sunday in Ordinary Time
March 5-6, 2011

Text Box: MASS INTENTIONS for this week
Sat. 5pm:         For good health of Martin Koch
Sun.   8:30:      Tony Martinez (dec.)
        10:30:      The Desimone Family (dec.)
        12:30:      Brett and Zach (liv.)

Mon. 8 am:     Dennis Hamilton (dec.)
Mon. 6 pm:     Beah Haber-Peterson (liv.)

Tues. 8 am:     Cynthia Gilmore (dec.)
Tues. 6 pm:     Rachel Gray
Wed. 8am:      Tony Morelli (dec.)
Wed.10:30am: Maria Artera (dec.)
Wed. 12:30:    -
Wed. 6pm:      Mr. Donald and Mrs. Natalie Gray
Wed. 7:30pm:  -

Thurs. 8 am:    -
Thurs. 6pm:    Manuel Montierro (dec.),  Ace Natividad  (dec.)                    

Fri. 8 am:        In Honor of Five Sacred Wounds
Fri. 2pm:         40  hours Devotion begins, till 7:30am Sunday
Fri. 2 pm:        Adoration & Confession
Fri. 3 pm:        Chaplet & Benediction
Fri. 6pm:         Rachel Gray

Sat. 8am:         Gladysís Children
Sat. 10am:       Rachel Gray
Sat. 4pm:         Adoration & Confession
Sat. 5pm:         All Parishioners (l. & d.)
Organ:   Prelude from Sym III, C.M. Widor  
Hymns for today:  #560 The Church's One Foundation 
#100 Asperges  
#416 Ye watchers and ye holy ones 
Mass at 5pm (Sat.) Mass of Christian Unity, Vermulst. 
Cantor and Organ.
Mass at 10:30am:  Mass of Hope, C. Ellis. St. MM Choir
premiere of a newly-composed Mass by former parishioner Charlotte Ellis.
  Mass at 12:30pm:  Missa Orbis Factor,  Mixed Schola  
Organ:  ToccataSym III, C.M. Widor

Will be this weekend during Sat.  March 5, at 5.00pm, and Sunday, March 6, at 8.30am & 10.30am Masses.

FAT SUNDAY Bake Sale Today in the hall after all Masses.  Donít miss your opportunity to sample all the fine baking of parishioners, and support the fundraising efforts of the St. Anneís Guild.  Come enjoy your purchase in the hall (coffee and juice will be provided) or take it home for your Sunday dessert.  The St. Anneís Guild thanks you for your support.
       - Proceeds of all St. Anneís Guild bake sales go directly to the purchase of altar flowers and to the care & maintenance of our beautiful church

       Dear friends of the St. Anne's Guild andSt. Margaret Mary Parish,
Thank you for working hard to plan and organize and execute a very successful Mardi Gras Dinner, Dance and Auction! 
       Thank you to all donors of auction items and our guests who bid on them. Thank you to all our guests who came to support our fundraising efforts, I hope that you had a magnificent evening in a fun atmosphere among friends.  Stay tuned for more information on this.
       May Our Lord continue to richly bless St. Margaret Mary Parish!!   

Text Box: Sunday Scripture 
	The words of love that we speak must be lived out through our actions. We know that we fool no one when we say one thing but do the opposite. Promises made to a boss, a spouse or a friend ring hollow when the action that follows does not bear them out. God is the last person we should try to fool with empty words; he knows what is in our hearts. When we profess love for God, we must also act in loving ways.
Moses urges the people to obey the commandments of God, a blessing on their lives. The second reading reminds us that redemption is a gift from God to all people, brought about through the blood of Jesus. The Gospel compares those who practice the teachings of Jesus to a wise man who builds his house firmly anchored on a foundation of rock.
Text Box: Last week, the second collection for the Parish Development  Fund amounted to $ 660.00. This week, the 2nd collection is for the Building  Fund. Ash Wednesday Collection will be for SVDPS. Next week, the 2nd collection will be for the Bishopís Appeal Fund. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT OF OUR PARISH. MAY GOD REWARD YOUR GENEROSITY.

Weekly update

February 26/27

Year- to Date

Actual - Plate

$ 4,659.00

$ 40,016.75


$ 5,900.00

$ 53,100.00


$ 1,241.00

$ 13,083.25

Bishopís Appeal

$ 20.00

$ 1,831.00

Goal for Appeal


$ 9,182.00

Par.Dev. Fund

$ 660.00

$ 1,450.00

Building Fund

$ 0.00

$ 9,470.00