Second Sunday of Lent

March 3-4, 2012



Sat / Sun April 03 & 04, 2010

Text Box: MASS INTENTIONS for this week

Sat.    5pm:  The Souls in Purgatory
Sun.   8:30: Helen Geiger (dec.)
        10:30: Kazimierz and Teresa Osinski (dec.)
        12:30: Monica Roberts (liv.)
        5:00pm: Bitter Lamentations
        5:45: Zofia Kurkowska

Mon. 8 am: Dennis Hamilton (dec.) 
Mon. 6 pm: Nonila Duenas (liv.)

Tues. 8 am: Renee Ching - Yi Sung (dec., greg. # 20)
Tues. 6pm: Juan Duenas (dec,)

Wed. 8am: Renee Ching - Yi Sung (dec., greg. # 21)
Wed. 6pm: Olympia Gonzalez (liv.)

Thurs. 8am: Renee Ching - Yi Sung (dec., greg. # 22)
Thurs. 6pm: Dario Gonzalez (liv.)

Fri. 8 am: Renee Ching - Yi Sung (dec., greg. # 23)
and Stations of the Cross
Fri. 2 pm:  Adoration & Confession
Fri. 3pm:   Chaplet & Benediction
Fri. 6pm: In Honor of the Five Sacred Wounds and  Stations of the Cross

Sat. 8am:  Renee Ching - Yi Sung (dec., greg. # 24)
Sat. 10am: The Stuhlsatz Family (liv.)
Sat. 4pm:  Adoration, Confession & Benediction
Sat. 5pm:  Jorge & Asuncion A. Mesina (dec.)

Organ Prelude (5pm&10:30): "Preambulum", J. Decker 
Hymns for today:  
362 Forty days and forty nights  #100 Asperges  
#365  Parce, Domine 
5pm (Sat.)  "Revised Mass of Creation" Cantor and Organ.
10:30am:  Mass for Lent, Charlotte Ellis. St. MM Choir
Offertory:   "Lord, What is Man", Watts       
Communion:  Spirit Seeking (Meditation)
12:30pm: Lenten Gregorian Mass XVII, Chorus Magnificat
Postlude (5pm&10:30):  "Preambula", N. Cracoviensis

Text Box: Sunday Scripture
	Faith gives us the strength to respond to life's difficulties with grace, compassion and kindness. Life is filled with situations that can try and test us. Such situations can either bring out the best in us or the worst. We have only to look to recent storms, earthquakes or other disasters and remember how people responded in their aftermath for examples of both. What seems to have made the difference for many was faith in God.
In today's first reading, God tests Abraham by asking him to sacrifice his only son. Abraham obeys God, but his son is spared. Abraham's faithfulness is greatly rewarded. The second reading reminds us that if God is for us, who can be against us. In the Gospel, Jesus is transfigured and identified by God as His beloved Son.
Text Box: This week’s second collection will be for the Building Fund.  Ash Wednesday 2nd collection for SVDPS totaled 1,620.00.  Last week’s 2nd collection for the Parish Development Fund totaled 1,209.00. Next week’s 2nd collection will be for the Bishop’s Appeal. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT OF OUR PARISH! MAY GOD REWARD YOUR  GENEROSITY.










Special Fund




$   9,357.59

$ 12,000.00


$   2,642.41


Weekly update

Feb. 25 - 26, 2012


Actual - 1st Plate

$   5,648.00

  $  39,068.00

Parish Pay - 1st Plate

$   1,200.00

        $    8,705.00

Total 1st Plate

$   6,848.00

        $  47,773.00


$         TBA

$         0.00


$          0.00

$         0.00

Bishop’s Appeal

$          0.00

  $    2,102.00

Goal for Appeal


        $   4,594.52

Par.  Dev. Fund

$   1,209.00   

  $    2,091.00

Building Fund

$          0.00

   $    2,089.00