Text Box: Fifth Sunday of Lent
March 20 - 21, 2010
Text Box: MASS INTENTIONS for this week

Sat.  5 pm       Intention of Fr Stanislaw Zak
Sat.  5 pm:      Int. Louis Tannady (liv.)
Sun.  8:30:      Int. Fr. Joseph Fiedorowicz (liv.)
       10:30:      Int. Maria Cristina Revelo (liv.)
       10:30:      All Parishioners (l. & d.)
       12:30:      Int. Brett Funcke and Zach Funcke (liv.)
         5:00:      Bitter Lamentations
         5.45:      All Parishioners (l. & d.)

Mon. 8 am:     Joseph Fiedorowicz Sr. (dec.)
Mon. 6 pm:     Richard Thompson (dec.)
Tues. 8 am:     Joseph Fiedorowicz Sr. (dec.)
Tues. 6 pm:     Int. Rama Evart (liv.)
Wed . 8am:     Int. Alegria Hipolito (liv.)
Weds. 6pm:    Int. Cecilia Baccay (liv.)

Thurs. 8 am:   Joseph Fiedorowicz Sr. (dec.)
Thurs.10.30:   Piotr and Anna Zak (dec.)
Thurs. 6 pm:   Int. Ronald Yu (liv.)

Fri. 8am:         In Honor of the Five Sacred Wounds 
Fri. 2:00pm:   Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament and Confession
Fri. 3:00pm:   Chaplet 
Fri. 6 pm:        Int. Laurence Gonzaga (liv.) &  Stations

Sat. 8 am:        Int. Harry & Betty Garland - 56th wedding
Sat. 10 am:      Ruperta Rosales Hernandez (dec.)
Sat. 4pm:        Adoration and Confession
Sat. 5 pm:       Int. Melanie McKinley (liv.)

    MUSIC FOR 5:00, 10:30 & 12:30 MASSES

Organ Prelude:  
Fugue à 3 du 1er Ton, L. Chaumont


Hymns for today

#360 Lord Who Throughout

#100 Asperges  

#365 Parce, Domine (3x)


Mass at 5pm (Sat.) Mass of Christian Unity, Vermulst.

Cantor & organ.

Mass at 10:30am: Missa de Quadragesima,.

Mass xvii St. Joseph's Choir

Mass at 12:30pm:  Missa de Quadragesima,.

Mass xvii, Choir of the Angelus

Organ Postlude: Gavotte a-moll, M. Camidge





Last week, the second collection for the Bishop’s Appeal Fund amounted to


This week, the 2nd collection  is for the Catholic Relief Services (Bishop’s Overseas Appeal) Fund .

Next week, the 2nd collection will be for the Parish Development Fund. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT.




     Lenten Vespers (sung Evening Prayer) about the sufferings and death of Our Lord Jesus Christ will be celebrated every Sunday of Lent at 5:00 PM; except next Sunday; March 28 at 4.30); followed by Benediction and Holy Mass.

Please come and invite others to participate in these beautiful Vespers. Stations of the Cross are celebrated every Friday after the Holy Masses.





The Parishioners and Friends,

of St. Margaret Mary Church,

Extend a Very Happy 60th Birthday

to Our Pastor, Fr. Stanislaw Zak

Come help us Celebrate!

Cake will be served after

8:30, 10:30 & 12:30 Masses.

Happy Birthday Fr. Stan Zak…

Sto lat!

Sunday Scripture


         With the love and forgiveness given by Jesus, we can move on to new possibilities. Human life is full of new possibilities. New opportunities and new horizons unfold before us each day. We can embrace the new possibilities or we can remain stuck in the past, wallow in past sins and fail to grow. We are challenged today to move forward in holiness, strengthened by the understanding, forgiveness and love of Jesus.

           God did great things for the salvation of his people, but Isaiah tells them God is now doing something new, and even greater. In the second reading, Paul says all his previous honors seem like rubbish now that he knows Jesus. The Gospel tells of the love and forgiveness Jesus showed to a woman caught in adultery.

Weekly update

February 13 & 14

Year- to Date


$ 5,161.00

$ 54,372.78


$ 5,900.00

$ 52,600.00


$ 739.00

$ - 1,710.78

Bishop’s Appeal

$ 1,428.00

$ 3,705.00

Goal for Appeal


$ 9,182.00

Par.  Dev. Fund

$ 5.00

$ 1,699.00

Building Fund

$ 132.00

$ 4,291.00

February 2010


$ 21,463.78

February 2010


$ 28,304.94

February 2010


$ - 6,841.16



$ - 7,443.18