The Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ  - Corpus Christi

June 6, 2010




Sat / Sun April 03 & 04, 2010


Sat.  5 pm:   Annie Elizabeth Perfetto (dec.)
Sun.  8:30:   All Parishioners (l. & d.)   
        10:30:   Int. Tannady Family, Joseph Thien Quoc Dinh (liv.)
        12:30:   William & Jennie Maderious (dec.)

Mon. 8 am:   Int. Antonio Moya (liv.)
Mon. 6 pm:   Int. Carlos Antonio Palad (liv.)                   

Tues. 8 am:   Felicula Porcuna (dec.)
Tues. 6 pm:   John Lojek (dec.)

Wed. 8am:    All Parishioners (l. & d.)   
Wed. 6pm:    Int. Shirley Monreal (liv.)

Thurs. 8 am:  Annelies Michel (dec.)             
Thurs. 6pm:   Int. Eric Majewski (liv.)

Fri.     8 am:   In honor of the Five Sacred Wounds. 
Fri. 2 - 3pm:  Adoration and Confession
Fri.     3pm:    Chaplet of Divine Mercy
Fri. 6 pm:       Jennie Maderious (dec.)

Sat. 8 am:      Virginia Norgen Bustamante (dec.)
Sat. 10am:     William Maderious (dec.)
Sat. 4pm:       Adoration and Confession
Sat. 5 pm:      All Parishioners (l. & d.)

Text Box:        MUSIC FOR 5:00, 10:30 & 12:30 MASSES

Organ Prelude: Prelude on Christus Vincit,  P. Kraekle

Hymns for today:  
   #521 At That First Eucharist 
   #100 Asperges 
   Christus Vincit (antiphon)

Mass at 5pm (Sat.) 
Missa Corpus Christi, R. Proulx. 
   Cantor & organ
Mass at 10:30am:  
Missa Simplex, #200
   St. MM Choir ..."Panis Angelicus",  
Mass at 12:30pm: 
   Mass of the Angels,  Mixed Schola

Organ Postlude:  Fugue in C Minor, (from Passacaglia)    
   J.S. Bach
Text Box: Last week, the second collection for the SVDPS Fund to $ 1,361.00. This week, the 2nd collection  is for the Building Fund. Next week, the 2nd collection will be for the Bishop’s Appeal Fund. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT. MAY GOD REWARD YOUR GENEROSITY.  

       The Glorious Feast of Corpus Christi is today Sunday, June 6. After 10.30am & 12.30pm will be a procession around the block with the Blessed Sacrament. 

       After the 10.30am Holy Mass while carrying the Blessed Sacrament, we shall  stop at four outdoor altars for the visible display of the Blessed Sacrament in a monstrance. This year, as we walk together, there will be prayers, the Gospel, with supplications sung, and blessings with the Blessed Sacrament (Benediction). At the fourth altar, blessings will be extended to the four corners of the world.

      We need strong men to help to put out the altars after Procession. Your help is essential for all this getting done!  



If to Communion you will go;
On nine First Fridays in a row;
With Christ in Heaven you will be;
And God forever you will see. 
 by Fr Don McDonnell

Text Box: Sunday Scripture

	Jesus is the Bread of Life who brings new life and salvation to the world. Jesus multiplied the loaves and fishes to ensure that the physical hunger of the crowd was satisfied. More significantly, Jesus instituted the Eucharist. Jesus did this so that believers of all ages who receive the Eucharist might have their spiritual hunger satisfied, grow in holiness and one day enjoy eternal life in heaven.
	The reading from Genesis tells of Melchizedek, a priest of God Most High, bringing out bread and wine as he greeted and blessed Abram. The second reading recalls Jesus instituting the Eucharist at the Last Supper. In the Gospel, Jesus multiplies five loaves and two fish to feed a crowd of about five thousand people.

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May 15 & 16

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