3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

Sat / Sun January 26 & 27, 2008                             


Sat. 5 pm:           Ralph & Brigitte Desimone intentions

Sun. 8:30:           Florence Duffy (dec.)

        10:30:       People of St. Margaret Mary (l. & d.)

        12:30:       Jewel McGinnis (dec.)

           3:30pm: Marian Movement of Priests

Mon. 8 am:       Int. Michelle Mateo ( liv.)

Mon. 6 pm:        Private Intentions

Tues. 8 am:        Int. Eval Dereka Mateo (liv.)

Tues. 6 pm:        Private Intentions

Weds. 8 am:       Ba Dinh Family (liv)

Weds. 6 pm:       Private Intentions

Thurs. 8 am:     -

Thurs. 6 pm:      Private Intentions

Thurs. 7pm.:     Holy Hour

Fri. 8 am:            For One Family

Fri. 9:30am:      For the miscarried babies of the Torch


Fri. 6 pm:            Private Intentions

Sat. 8 am:           Int. Ralph and Brigitte Desimone (liv.)

Sat. 10 am:         Private Intentions

Sat. 12Noon:    - 

Sat. 5 pm:           Novena Masses for the Sick (1)

MUSIC FOR 5:00, 10:30 & 12:30 MASSES

Organ Prelude:         Prelude Concerto in A, Bach

                                 (Mvt III)

Hymns:                    #460, # 100, and # 600

Mass at  5:00 pm(Sat.): Community Mass, Proulx.

                                Cantor & organ.

Mass at 10: 30:       Missa Orbis Factor, Gregorian.

                                St. MM Choir

Mass at 12:30:        Missa Orbis Factor, Gregorian.

                                Mixed Schola/ volunteers

Organ Postlude:     Concerto in A, Bach, (Mvt I)


Last week, the second collection for the Seminary Collection Fund amounted to $ 1,137.00. This week, the 2nd collection  is for the Parish Development Fund. Next week, the 2nd collection is for the Building Fund.  THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT. MAY GOD REWARD YOUR GENEROSITY.



       This feast is celebrated this week; on February 2nd . It could be considered the closing of the season of lights so evident during Christmastime.  The gospel for this feast proclaims the words of Simeon that the infant Jesus will be “a revealing light to the Gentiles, the glory of your people Israel” (Luke 2:32). This feast was celebrated in Jerusalem as early as the 4th century. It originally commemorated the purification of Mary, in accordance with Jewish law, 40 days after Jesus’ birth: “When the day came to purify them according to the law of Moses, the couple brought Him up to Jerusalem so that He could be presented to the Lord, for it is written in the law of the Lord: “Every first-born male shall be consecrated to the Lord”.  (Luke 2:22-24:  see Leviticus l2:6-7). By the mid-5th century, this feast was celebrated in Rome on February 2 with the addition of a candlelight procession. This procession seems to have originated as a substitute for a similar pagan torch procession of expiation around the city walls.  A hint of this penitential and expiatory theme continued until recent times with the wearing of purple vestments.  The day eventually received the popular title of Candlemas (Candle Mass) because candles were blessed before the Mass and procession.  Today, this feast is called the Presentation of the Lord.  Candles are still blessed and some form of procession will be held.

       Another feast associated with the mystery of the Incarnation and, therefore, with Christmas, is the Feast of the Annunciation of the Lord.  It has been celebrated on March 25 in the Western church since before the middle of the 7th century.

       The theme of the feast remembers God’s decision,

Sunday Scripture

                Jesus gives us the hope of everlasting life in the Kingdom of heaven. Today’s Gospel places us at the transition from the preaching  and ministry of Jesus Christ. Jesus builds on John’s call to repentance  and faith. Jesus also calls us to join him in his mission to build the Kingdom of God on earth, and to dispel the darkness in which sin left us.

             The reading that we hear from Isaiah today is the exact passage that Matthew uses to introduce Jesus’ public ministry, showing how Jesus fulfilled the prophecies. These texts emphasis the light that overcomes the darkness, and the salvation that is marked by rejoicing and joy, replacing the gloom we experience when sin has us bound.             

Weekly update


Year- to Date


$ 5,104.50

$ 14,285.50


$ 5,100.00

$ 15,300.00


$ 0.00

$ 1,014.50

Bishop’s Appeal

$ 8.00

$ 933.00

Goal for Appeal


$ 9,182.00

Par.  Dev. Fund

$ 0.00

$ 0.00

Building Fund

$ 27.00

$ 10,189.00