1st Sunday of Lent

Sat / Sun February 9 & 10, 2008                             


Sat. 5 pm:           Birthday of Agnieszka Szymanska (liv.)

Sun. 8:30:           People of St. Margaret Mary (l. & d.)

        10:30:       William Maderious (dec.)

        12:30:         Int. Linda Bellavia (liv.)

        5pm:         Bitter Lamentations

        5:45pm:    Holy Mass - Deborah A. Kuhl (liv.)

Mon. 8 am:       Novena Masses for the Sick (4)

Mon. 10:30am: Novena Masses for the Sick (5)

Mon. 6 pm:        Novena Masses for the Sick (6)

Tues. 8 am:        The Mignano Family (l. & d.)

Tues. 6 pm:        Randall Willard Claver (dec.)

Weds. 8 am:       -

Weds. 6 pm:       Birthday of Mari Oliver (liv.)

Thurs. 8 am:     Magdalena Zak —(29 ann. of death)

Thurs. 6 pm:      June Pierce and Nancy Pierce (dec.)

Fri. 8 am:            -

Fri. 6 pm:            Private Intentions

Dedication of Shrine of O. L. of Lourdes

Sat. 8 am:           Novena Masses for the Sick (7)

Sat. 10 am:         Novena Masses for the Sick (8)

Sat. 11am:        Rosary service and Dedication

Sat. 12: 00:       Novena Masses for the Sick (9)

Sat. 5 pm:           Int. Ralph & Brigitte Desimone (liv.)

MUSIC FOR 5:00, 10:30 & 12:30 MASSES

Organ Prelude:         Pathetique Sonata, Beethoven, arr. B.


Hymns:                    # 100 (Asperges), # 360 and # 365

                                 (Lord who throughout, and Parce


Mass at  5:00 pm(Sat.): Mass of Christian Unity,

                                 Vermulst. Cantor & organ

Mass at 10: 30:       Missa de Quadragesima, Gregorian.

                                 St. MM Choir

Mass at 12:30:        Missa de Quadragesima, Gregorian.

                                Mixed Schola/ volunteers

Organ Postlude:     Toccata in A Minor, Sweelinck


Last week, the second collection for the Building Fund   amounted to $ 2,610.00. Presentation of Our Lord, February 2nd $ 593. Collection for Candles $ 257.00. This week, the 2nd collection  is for the Bishop’s Appeal. Next week, the 2nd collection is for the Aid to the Church in Central and Eastern Europe. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT. MAY GOD REWARD YOUR GENEROSITY.


MONDAY, FEBRUARY 11TH – HOLY MASS FOR THE SICK  - 10.30. The late Holy Father John Paul II established February 11th every year as the International Day of Prayer for the sick.. This year we would also like to anoint  our sick parishioners, relatives and friends on Monday, Feb. 11th, at 10.30am and another day: Saturday February 16 at 12.00Noon, during the Dedication of our Shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes.  After the Holy Communion,  the Anointing of the Sick  will take place.


LENTEN LAMENTATIONS - Lenten Vespers about the sufferings and death of Our Lord Jesus Christ are celebrated every Sunday of Lent at 5.00PM, (2 exceptions: February 24 and March 9th at 4.30pm) followed by Holy Mass.



We still have empty spots for Holy Mass intentions in the first part of February. If you would like to have Holy Mass celebrated for your intentions, or for your loved ones, (living  or dead), please contact the Parish Office.


PLEASE TAKE HOME “RICE BOWL”. We are also collecting imperishable food items for the Saint Vincent de Paul Society to feed the hungry people in Oakland.. In the vestibule of our church barrels for food are placed. PLEASE SHARE YOUR FOOD WITH HUNGRY PEOPLE.


THE BISHOP’S ANNUAL APPEAL will take place at St. Margaret Mary Parish on this weekend of February 9/10. The overall campaign goal has been set at $2.1 million. St. Margaret Mary Parish is expected to raise $ 9,182.00. Last

Sunday Scripture

        Jesus showed us how to overcome temptation.

This week, as we begin our annual pilgrimage toward Easter, we reflect on temptation and sin. Lent is an ideal time to turn back to God, to learn to say no to our selfish desires and yes to God’s call to love him and our neighbors. In Jesus, we have the perfect example of humility and obedience, which will help us resist temptation and avoid sin.

         In Genesis we hear of the fall of humanity through pride and disobedience. The Gospel tells us that Jesus, fully human and fully divine, refused temptation and was obedient to the Father. Paul sums up the two accounts for us: through the disobedience of Adam and Eve we were made sinners, but through the obedience of Jesus, we are redeemed.             


Weekly update


Year- to Date


$ 4,953.00

$ 23,359.50


$ 5,100.00

$ 25,500.00


$ 147.00

$ 2,140.50

Bishop’s Appeal

$ 0.00

$ 933.00

Goal for Appeal


$ 9,182.00

Par.  Dev. Fund

$ 60.00

$ 1064.50

Building Fund

$ 2,610.00

$ 13,006.00