December 5 - 6, 2015  







Sat. 5pm: Stanley Avila (dec.)

Sun.7am: Stanley Avila (dec.)

Sun.8:30: Shannon Brady (liv.)

   10:30: People of St. Margaret Mary (l. & d.)

   12:30: Romana Elisa Ferretti (liv.)

Mon. 8am: Joseph Brady (liv.)

Mon. 6pm: Fr. Robert Bishop, CMF (liv.)

Tues. 8am: Felicula N. Porcuna (dec.)

Tues. 6pm: The Institute of Christ the King (ICRSP, ICRSS, ICKSP)

Tues. 7:30pm: John Wells (liv.)

Wed. 8am: Stanley Avila (dec.)

Wed.  6pm: James Purpra (liv.)

Thurs. 8am: Nneka Nandi (liv.)

Thurs.12pm(E.F.): Carlos Mariano, Elmer and Consuelo Carreon (dec.)

Thurs. 6pm (N.O.): Fr. Stan Zak (liv.)

Fri. 8am: Maria Hernandez (dec.)

Fri.   2 pm:  Adoration & Confession

Fri.   3 pm:  Chaplet

Fri.   6pm: Paul and Melanie Baccay (liv.)

Sat.   8am: The St. John Family (liv.)

Sat.  10am: Monica Roberts (liv.)

Sat.  4pm: Adoration & Confession

Sat.  5pm: Alfred and Mary Froning (dec.)                



Organ Prelude: Saviour of the Nations, Come. Pachelbel  

Hymns: #301 O Come O Come Emmanuel; People Look East (Missalette)   5pm (Sat.)  Missa Veni Emmanuel, Proulx. 

10:30am:  Gregorian Missa de Adventus.

Offertory: Advent Glad Song, Toolan :
12:30pm:  Missa de Adventus, Chorus Magnificat

Organ Postlude(5&10:30): “Postlude on Stuttgart”, by Edward Mead.  




Text Box: SUNDAY SCRIPTURE:       

      Are we prepared to carry out the will of God? 
 Advent is a season of patient waiting, preparation and action. John the Baptist spent time in the desert in preparation for his mission. When called upon to proclaim a baptism of repentance for the forgiveness of sins, he was ready to carry out the will of God. Are we ready to do this as well?
In the Book of Baruch, Jerusalem is reminded that God is leading Israel in joy by the light of his glory. In the second reading, Saint Paul offers words of affirmation and encouragement to the Philippians. In the Gospel, God calls John the Baptist out of the wilderness to begin his ministry.


This week’s second collection will be for Building Fund. Last week’s second collection for St. Vincent de Paul totaled $ 1,616.00. Next week’s second collection will be for Retired Religious Fund.  THANK YOU FOR YOUR GENEROSITY AND SUPPORT! MAY GOD REWARD YOUR GENEROSITY.


PRAY FOR ALL THE  SICK: Fr. Stan Zak, Fr Bill Marshall; Lianne Claver; Alex Porcuna;  Lewis Mullen;  Carmel Mahoney; Nancy Duenas;  Brad O’Leary;  Titus Ekanem; Elisa & Giovanni  Mancarti; Vic and Nancy Miloslavich; Kathryn Rieger;  Judy & Louis Delligatti; Eugenia Hunter; Rose Bloom; Stella Lurton;  Sue Weber; Cornelius McCauley; Laura Montgomery; Sara Zendejas; Mary Walker, Rosaline White; Josephine Palacios; Annie Bozzardi; Francis Martinez, Mike Rodriguez;. Patrick Ventanilla;  Paul Ehrfurth; John Ehrfurth; Lily McWilliams; Anaidel Perezarevalo; Janice Siliger; Claudia Bermudez; Robert Martinez; Tim & Menaye Irving;.Laverne Seliger; Eddie Martinez; Jim Gilheany, Sr.;……..and those whose names are written in the Book of the Sick, and all sick people in the entire world.


PRAY FOR THE DEAD: For the deceased members of our families, friends, parishioners & benefactors of our parish: Bill Leitao; Inetta Calori; Michael Smith; also for those who died: Mabel de Sousa, Kathleen York, Lyle Arnold; Hugo da Silva, John Pierce, Emilia Johnson, Lenaye Dell Irving; Nieves Relova; Rolando “Ron” Arnaldo, and for all the faithful departed, especially, for all the Poor Souls in Purgatory. MAY THEY REST IN PEACE .






Calendars to pick up for 2016 (one per family please) are in the vestibule of the church.






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Weekly update

November 28 & November 29


Actual - 1st Plate

$   13,483

 $    216,143.00

Parish Pay 1st Plate

$   2,030

       $    65,499

Total 1st Plate

$   15,513

       $  279,612.00


$   6,400.00

 $  295,125


 $     0.00

 $      2,553.00