Text Box: Third Sunday of Easter 
April 17 - 18, 2010
Text Box: MASS INTENTIONS for this week

Sat.  5 pm:      Int. Michellee Mateo & Dereka Mateo (liv.)
Sun.  8:30:      Angelina Tannady
         8:30:      All Parishioners (l. & d.)
       10:30:      William & Jennie Maderious (dec.)
       12:30:      Elisa Polenta Ferretti & Pietro Ferretti (dec.)
Mon. 8 am:     Int. Alfred & Cecilia Etim (liv.)
Mon. 6 pm:     Arden Glass (dec.)
Tues. 8 am:     Int. Alfred & Cecilia Etim (liv.)
Tues. 6 pm:     Margaret Audebrand
Wed . 8am:     Felicua Porcuna, Alejandro Porcuna (dec.)
Weds. 6pm:    Jean Pussiau
Thurs. 8 am:   Mario Benoza (dec.)
Thurs. 6 pm:   Family Pussiau - Audebrand
Fri.. 8 am:       In honor of the Five Sacred Wounds
Fri. 2pm:        Adoration & Confession
Fri. 3pm:        Chaplet 
Fri. 6 pm:       Mercedes Baccay (dec.)
Sat. 8 am:       All Parishioners (l. & d.)
Sat. 10am:      Int. Roberto Estilo (liv.)
Sat. 4pm:        Adoration & Confession
Sat. 5 pm:       Int. Ba Dinh Family & Theresa Dinh’s Family   
Text Box:    MUSIC FOR 5:00, 10:30 & 12:30 MASSES

Organ Prelude:  
Toccata in F, J. Cabanilles

Hymns for today:  
     413 The Strife is O’er
     102 Vidi Aquam
     546 Regina Caeli

Mass at 5pm (Sat.) Psalm-tone Mass, Cantor & organ.

Mass at 10:30am:  
   Missa de Angelis, 
   St. Joseph Choir & Bell Ringers

Mass at 12:30pm: 
   Missa Lux et Origo, 
   Gregorian  Mass I.  Mixed Schola.

Organ Postlude:  Batalla Imperial, J. Cabanilles

Text Box: Easter Sunday, the second collection for the Bishop’s Appeal Fund amounted to $1,008.00. 
This week, the 2nd collection  is for the Catholic Home Mission Appeal. 
Next week, the 2nd collection will be for  Parish Development. 

       Today we welcome cordially Fr. Chris Gibson, C.P., who is a Passionist priest, and one of many Roman Catholic ordained clergy who travel throughout the United States sharing the message of the needs of the poor. Through his work he brings opportunities for Christians to practice their baptismal call of assisting those in need. PLEASE BE GENEROUS. BASKETS FOR DONATIONS ARE AT THE ENTRANCES TO THE CHURCH


       The fifty days from Easter Sunday to Pentecost are celebrated in joyful exultation as one feast day, or better, as one GREAT SUNDAY. The first eight days of the Easter Season make up the Octave of Easter and are celebrated as solemnities of the Lord. No other feasts or memorials are celebrated during that week. 

       The faithful should receive Holy Communion and the Sacrament of Confession during Easter Season. This period for the Easter Duties is from  Ash Wednesday until Trinity Sunday (this year May 30th)
Text Box: Sunday Scripture
	We can rejoice at the call to suffer for our faith, for we are promised a share in the Resurrection. We celebrate the Paschal mystery, reminded that for every rising, there must be a dying. This can help us rejoice when we are found worthy to suffer in Christ's name. We also are reminded that, through the Holy Spirit, Jesus is always with us, offering us strength and leading us to an ever-greater fullness of life.
	In Acts, the Apostles are ordered to stop preaching about Jesus, but they say they must obey God. The second reading speaks of the heavenly multitude giving praise to the Lamb of God. In the Gospel, the Risen Jesus appears to the Apostles, bringing them a large catch of fish. Jesus tells Peter to feed his lambs and his sheep.

Weekly update

April  10 & 11

Year- to Date


$ 6,237.00

$ 79,919.78

Goal for Easter

$ 5,900.00

$ 86,200.00


$ 0.00

$ 6,280.22

Bishop’s Appeal

$ 1,008.00

$ 4,743.00

Goal for Appeal


$ 9,182.00

Par.  Dev. Fund

$ 0.00

$ 2,860.00

Building Fund

$ 115.00

$ 5,475.00

March 2010


$ 21,792.00

March 2010


$ 51,696.37

March 2010


$ - 29,904.00



$ - 37,347.55